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Purpose:  The purpose of this website is to publish my family genealogy so that  long lost branches of my family can find me through internet searches.  I am a descendant of John Gould, George Gould, John Hancock Gould, Christian Stutzman, Jacob Hochstetler, Jean Durier, Jackson Duree, Jacob Stuber, Alexander Mack, John Reichert, William Stone, Roland Watts, and many, many others.  To them I owe my very existence here on earth.

Audio Online: Audio interviews of John, Clarence, and Lester Gould.  Click on Audio Files to go to the page where you can select the file you would like to hear.

Send email to: Roy7388@aol.com or RoyGould7@gmail.com

Photo Gallery

Please look at my online photo album filled with photos of my family and other interesting things.  Included are some old family photos and photos of my grandsons, Ryan and John Gould.




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